About Growth Chart

Welcome to Growth Chart! In 2011 I began Growth Chart as a page on my original blog, The Write Edge. Every two weeks I posted my parenting experiences about my then-two-year-old and then-four-year-old for my dedicated readership, and consistently “Growth Chart” got some of the highest hits throughout the year it featured exclusively on The Write Edge.

As part of a conscientious effort to expand The Write Edge and offer my readers even better content, I decided to spin Growth Chart off into its own blog on February 1, 2012. I alternate posts of Growth Spurts — short episodes about the pains and pleasures of parenting — and full-fledged Growth Charts. Either way, readers, you’ll have the opportunity to delight in and groan at my adventures with my children.

As my brothers and sisters in the parenting fraternity will attest, parenting is by far the most difficult job in the entire universe. Conversely, it is also the most rewarding position and the only one that has the ability to last generations. My own parenting realities include my two daughters. In the interest of personal security, I don’t identify the girls by name or initial: I call them by their ages. In developing Growth Chart I find this is the most exact way to help readers understand the thought process and precise challenges facing me and to know right away just what kind of issues I have with my kids because their ages are immediately evident.

I appreciate you stopping by Growth Chart and hope you make it a regular part of your online reading. And remember: if you’re having a completely awful day, bedtime will come eventually and tomorrow is a day with no spills or screams in it (yet)!

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