About Ekta R. Garg

Ekta has had a love affair with words since she began reading at the age of four.  Her parents tell stories of Ekta sitting down with the newspaper on a regular basis to try to sound out the more difficult words and how she would finish her kindergarten story books in the car even before getting home from school.

When Ekta was 8 years old, she began writing poetry and short essays.  Her writing continued to improve and become more important to her throughout school, and she was the co-editor of her high school yearbook for her junior and senior years.  In college Ekta worked briefly for the University of South Carolina campus literary magazine, The Garnet and Black, and she fulfilled her dream of studying writing by attending the Medill School of Journalism and getting her MSJ in magazine publishing.

Ekta has worked professionally since 2005 as a writer and editor for Community Newspapers, Inc., in Portland, Oregon, ABCDlady.com, and The Bollywood Ticket.  In addition to managing Growth Chart, she keeps track of her other blogs: The Write Edge, the main blog from which Growth Chart grew, and The Write Edge Bookshelf, where she posts her book reviews.

Ekta also reviews books for Bookpleasures.com and adds to the well-known site her own thoughtful reviews of books for the reading public at large.  Most recently, Ekta has begun freelancing her editing services to other writers to help them prepare their manuscripts in their own pursuit for publication.  Her goal is to help other writers shape their work and make it the best possible while maintaining their individual voices and stories.

When she’s not reading or writing, Ekta is a domestic engineer — known in the vernacular as “a housewife” — and she divides her time between keeping house and fulfilling her writing dreams on a regular basis.

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