Files? Charts? Spurts? What?

Hello, Growth Chart readers!  For those of you new to the blog (or any of you who have always felt curious about what all the funny terms mean,) here’s the story.

When I had our older daughter, I took her to the doctor for her well-child checkups and discovered that doctors’ offices track everything related to a newborn.  Height, weight, their ability to grasp fingers, their eyesight, even head size.  One day as I watched the nurse note these things for what felt like the hundredth time, it occurred to me that physicians’ offices must be stuffed with patient charts and all this information.  Even in this day and age of digital technology some offices still use paper charts in addition to their electronic files.

Then I started The Write Edge on February 1, 2010.  It began as an outlet for my writing, as a public pledge to myself that I would begin taking myself seriously as a writer.  In order to explore and expand my skills, I began blogging about the kids on The Write Edge.  But I wanted my blog entries about my children to be as much an extension of my writing as a way to share my parenting experiences.

When I built the original page from The Write Edge into a full-fledged blog of its own, I decided to make my blog a little bit different from other parenting blogs by adding some additional structure and style in the way I set it up.  I began brainstorming ideas for what to call the blog and how to organize it, and I finally decided on Growth Chart as an homage to those patient charts in doctors’ offices.  The Growth Spurts became a logical choice when I wanted to add a new feature to the blog.  Sometimes our kids do funny things that come out in short bursts instead of being a full-fledged experience, similar to the physical growth spurts children experience.

I hope you continue to enjoy future Charts and Spurts (and whatever else I manage to brainstorm along this theme!)  Thank you for reading and enjoying the blog!

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