Tracking Progress: At Five and Three

In the following Files you’ll find Charts about a variety of topic.  Click on the links to the Files to find links to the Charts.  The Files contain entries on:

File Number 004

Going to school in a new city; handling a backseat driver; wondering whether fairies are real; and more

File Number 005

Lying to my kids; why kids are annoying; the paradox of parenting; and more

File Number 006

Banning Valentines; dealing with lying; talking about whether we’re American, Indian, or something in between; and more

File Number 007

Our first loose tooth; explaining homelessness to kids; thinking–or not–about having a boy; and more

File Number 008

Meeting a child with special needs; celebrating Mother’s Day; the contradictions of a three-year-old; and more

File Number 009

Helping my children learn to trust their parents; seeing the first hints of summer vacation-itis; a blast from the past; and more

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