Tracking Progress: At Seven and Five

In the following Files you’ll find Charts about a variety of topics.  Click on the links to the Files to find links to the Charts.  The Files contain entries on:

File Number 019

Learning what it means to invest; projecting ahead to the college years; getting into the gifted program; and more

File Number 020

Dealing with a new swimming instructor; talking about PDAs; finding out what makes a person old; and more

File Number 021

Letting the kids mispronounce things; learning a new definition for “migration”; Halloween costumes that are passe; and more

File Number 022

“Girls’ Day Out”; when one of the kids has the “worst day” of her life; discovering that my little kid is becoming a young girl; and more

File Number 23

Talking about our favorite books; enjoying Christmas vacation; editing our dreams; and more

File Number 024

Talking about going to Sochi for the Olympics; discussing BFFs; sharing special firsts at Disney World; and more

File Number 025

Getting questions about babies; spring break; learning that unicorns aren’t real; and more

File Number 026

Asking important questions about your child’s health; Mother’s Day 2014; and more

File Number 027

The start of summer vacation; solo parenting; and more


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