The One Hundred-and-Eleventh Chart

December 27, 2013

By Ekta R. Garg

Enjoy these Spurts from the last two weeks, readers!

One day after dropping Five off, Seven and I chatted about books on our way to her school.  I told her about a book I’d read recently to review for The Write Edge Bookshelf, and I said I thought she might like it.  I told her briefly about the plot of the book and why I liked it so much.

“You used the word ‘recently’,” she said.  “I just learned about that word.  It’s a snazzy word.”

I couldn’t help smiling at the windshield.  “So is the word ‘snazzy’.”

I looked at the rearview mirror and saw that she was smiling too.


Later in the conversation Seven told me about how she reads.

“Once I start a new book I can’t stop until I finish it,” she said.  “I have to keep reading until I get to the end.”

I almost sighed aloud.  “I used to do that.  But then I got married and had two ‘stink pink’ children who won’t let me read.  Now I have to read when I have a few free minutes.  Most of the time I hear, ‘Mamma, my toe hurts’; ‘Mamma, she’s bothering me’; ‘Mamma, I’m hungry.’”

Seven didn’t even hesitate with her response.

“If my kids did that, I would send them to their grandma.”

I looked at her again and saw the impish grin.  I gave her the outwardly satisfaction of acting flabbergasted.  Inside, though, I had to give her props for her quip.


My parents came to visit for the holidays.  Because we just moved to Illinois this past summer, we took them around town.  This included visiting my husband’s office and hospital in his new job.

Mom and Dad had reserved their plane tickets enough in advance to spur me to get pictures printed and certificates framed and haul them to my husband’s office to dress it up a little.  On the day we took them to the hospital, I told everyone else to go ahead without me as I spent some time hanging up one or two more frames on the wall.  As the got to see the gorgeous lobby and spacious exam and waiting rooms, I eyed frames and made sure they lined up.

When everyone came back to the office, we stood around and chatted.  Seven took a few minutes to examine the various pictures and certificates.  Then she plopped into the chair behind the desk.

“So, what does MD stand for?  Marvelous doctor?”

She giggled, knowing she was wrong but laughing at her own joke.  I laughed too and didn’t bother with the dull explanation of the Latin origin of the abbreviation.  I like her definition better.


The night before they left, Seven sat on the bed in the guest room and watched her grandmother pack for the trip home.  She helped fold the clean socks from a load of laundry and then observed as my mom started putting everything away.  After a few minutes she took notice of the large suitcase on the floor.

“Mamma, don’t we have a suitcase similar to Nani’s?” she asked me.

Uh…similar.  Sure.  Most kids would say, “Doesn’t our suitcase look the same?”  Whatever.

“Yes, we do,” I said.  “In fact, Nani and Nanu gave me that suitcase when I got married.”

“And when you get married, I’ll get you one too,” Mom said with a smile.

Seven looked at the suitcase with a forest green background and flower pattern.  “Well, my favorite color is scarlet.”

Scarlet??  Okay, what little kid identifies “scarlet” as a favorite color?  Whatever happened to red?

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