The One Hundred-and-Twenty-Eighth Chart

May 23, 2014

By Ekta R. Garg

Enjoy these Spurts from the last two weeks, readers!

Last week we sat at the dinner table and talked about a few upcoming trips our family will take. We counted and when we came to three vacations, Five looked at everyone gravely.

“That’s too many trips,” she said.

Conversation continued, but Five’s concern didn’t abate.

“I’m trying to discuss something with you here!” she declared.

Apparently we should have let her lead the discussion. She certainly seems to have a serious stake in it.


Aside from having a stake in our vacations, Five has been doling out assurances to everyone. Literally.

As we drove home from dance class, she piped up from the back seat.

“Mamma, guess what?”


“Um, the other day, we saw a dead crow outside.”

“Really? Where?”

“Well, it wasn’t in the back yard. You know when we go down the sidewalk where the swings are? That’s where.”


“Yeah. And I can assure you, it smelled horrible.”

So glad she can “assure” me of the pungency of a dead crow.


Yesterday Five got in the car and told me that she and her friend had had a “love talk” in school that day.

“What’s a love talk?” I asked.

“S. was talking about liking G., so we decided to make it a love talk.”

Later the subject came up again as I heard the girls talking about their friends having crushes.

“Does A. have a crush on someone?” Five asked of one of Seven’s best friend.

“Yes, on Mr. M. at school.”

“What about D.?”

“She won’t tell us who she has a crush on.”

“Why are you crushing people?” I asked, feigning a serious face.

“No, we’re not crushing people,” Seven explained. “It’s called a crush.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It means when you like someone and then you love them so you call it a crush.”

“So don’t you call it being in love?” I said.

“No, it’s called having a crush.”

“Wait,” Five interjected, “does that mean that Mamma has a crush on Daddy?”

“No,” Seven said, “because they’re married. You can’t have a crush once you’re married.”

“Oh, right,” Five said, nodding in agreement.

“But why not?”

“You just can’t,” Seven said patiently. “Unless you get a divorce, and then you can have a crush on someone. Well, as long as they’re not married.”

I couldn’t argue with her logic on that one, especially because she had used “you” in a general sense. She has friends in school with divorced parents, and as she gets older she’s learning more about how relationships function. I found it interesting that she made this particular connection so fast, however.

Makes me wonder what other connections she’s making.


On Wednesday the subject of babies came up once again. Must be the age for figuring out that storks really don’t drop bundles on doorsteps.

“When does the baby come?” Five asked as I gave her a shower before school. “Does it come before the wedding or after the wedding or during the wedding?”

I wanted to be truthful while still retaining some tact.

“It should come after the wedding,” I said, holding my breath. I didn’t want her to ask why I’d put slight emphasis on “should.”

“Oh, okay.”

Just as simple as that the conversation went to something else. Now why can’t all grownup topics proceed this easily?

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