Tracking Progress: At Six and Four

In the following Files you’ll find Charts about a variety of topic.  Click on the links to the Files to find links to the Charts.  The Files contain entries on:

File Number 010

Possibly being the “best in the world”; explaining what it means to spend time together; becoming Olympic swimming experts; and more

File Number 011

Following a hunch; dealing with the “birds and the bees”; raising good parents; and more

File Number 012

Visiting the salon; leaving the kids for a weekend (for the first time); and more

File Number 013

Mothers on strike; politics on the first-grade level; the idyllic winter day; and more

File Number 014

Deciding on the existence of a “giggle pants”; getting carded at a bar (the parents, not the kids); declaring that boys are gross; and more

File Number 015

Extracting information from kids; hearing Celine Dion live versus on the radio; remembering being babies; and more

File Number 016

Spring break!; when the Tooth Fairy missed the boat; being excited only in our brains; and more

File Number 017

Learning to apologize; the art of manipulation; reflecting on the school year; and more

File Number 018

Discovering what a grownup is; memories from the last six years; crying at movies; and more

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