Tracking Progress: At Eight and Six

In the following Files you’ll find Charts about a variety of topics.  Click on the links to the Files to find links to the Charts.  The Files contain entries on:

File Number 028

Listening to eight-year-old quips; episodes from summer soccer camp; and more

File Number 029

Enjoying a child-free weekend; learning to stand up for friends; and more

File Number 030

Learning to make the first solo purchase; quips from a six-year-old; and more

File Number 031

Accepting grace; ants on the TV; and more

File Number 032

Breathing ice; getting ready for vacation; and more

File Number 033

Visiting Hawaii; planning for my death; and more

File Number 034

Hair dye; questioning my parenting abilities; and more

File Number 35

Getting rid of participant  ribbons; dealing with profanity in elementary school; and more

File Number 36

Body image; birthday Spurts; and more

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